Miami Marlins RTD: If You Were Marlins Man for the Day; Ultimate Marlins Player

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2. If you could be Marlins Man for a day, what would you do?

Ehsan Kassim: If I were Marlins Man for the day, I’d probably go about it the same way he does. He’s enjoying his life and is helping others along the way. His main fatal flaw is being a FSU fan. Seriously though, his message of paying it forward is very important.

Daniel Zylberkan: If I was Marlins Man I would basically do exactly what he does. I would love to have the money to travel all the biggest sporting events in the country. That’s really cool. 

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Sean Millerick: Buy season tickets for the next two seasons, and put them in the name of long time Marlins fan Sean Millerick. Always liked the cut of his jib. But if you want a more serious answer, I’d look to swing a Marlins-Heat doubleheader. In process of doing that, I’d show up early for both, and select a diehard fan or couple for an upgrade. The real fans get there early to soak it in before being ushered to the nosebleed seats.

Mark Laming: Do what Marlins Man does. I would just want to sit on the front row for ONE game, it could just be a regular season game but just experience it once would be 100% worth it.

Jay Ramos: I would publicly challenge Jeffrey Loria and the organization. Do it for the people. 

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