Miami Marlins RTD: Thoughts on Don Mattingly Hiring and Dan Jennings Firing

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Nov 2, 2015; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Marlins president baseball operations Michael Hill (left) help manager Don Mattingly (center) with his jersey as he is introduced as manager as Marlins president David Samson (right) looks on at Marlins Park. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to another Miami Marlins Round Table Discussion. On today’s agenda, we’ll be discussing how long Don Mattingly will ve managing the Miami Marlins, Dee Gordon being reunited with his former manager, and a few other items. 

1. Don Mattingly has been introduced as the next Miami Marlins manager. Over/under him lasting 2.5 seasons before getting fired?

Ehsan Kassim: I’ll say push. David Samson made it clear the Marlins don’t want to be holding another press conference for a new manager again, but Loria has little to no patience when it comes to losing. He also refuses to spend money on the team, so the recipe for a disaster will always be in place for Miami.

Daniel Zylberkan: Over, just because I feel like Loria actually likes Donnie and he’ll actually let him do what he needs to do to succeed. Ultimately it really doesn’t matter though because if Loria doesn’t give management the resources, he won’t have a team that will be competitive anyway. 

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Michael Sonbeek: Over. Loria loves Don more than Loria loves himself and Loria really loves himself. If the Marlins stay in the 80-89 wins area, Don will live out his contract and more.

Sean Millerick: Push. He’ll get two years to win a championship, and will be fired mid-season in year three if that team struggles out of the gate. 

Mark Laming: Under, for sure. The team won’t be in competing form within the next 2.5 years and Loria has proven impatient in the past.

Christian La Fontaine: I have to say over. He fits all the qualifications Loria seems to look for in a manager, if there was ever a guy who could hold down this job it ‘s Donnie Baseball. It might actually go the other way, where all signs point to it being time for Mattingly to be fired, yet Loria stubbornly sticking by him.

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