Miami Marlins RTD: Thoughts on Don Mattingly Hiring and Dan Jennings Firing

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Oct 4, 2015; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Miami Marlins manager Dan Jennings (26) walks off the field after making a pitching change during the seventh inning against the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park. The Phillies defeated the Marlins, 7-2. Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

5. Thoughts on the Dan Jennings firing and the fact part of it can be pinned on Jennings playing Ozuna over Loria’s wishes?

Ehsan Kassim: Was Dan Jennings good at either of his jobs, GM and manager, last year? I’d say no. Did he deserve to be shown the door? Yes, but only with a complete front office over haul. The Marlins keep changing the chairs on the Titanic, even though it won’t save the ship from sinking. If the Ozuna part is true, this franchise is in a deeper hole with Loria as the owner. We’ll find out how true these reports are when Ozuna is shipped out for peanuts. 

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Daniel Zylberkan: Jeffrey Loria is notoriously hard to work with and he really enjoys firing managers. I guess it’s good that Jennings took Ozuna’s side and the path of actually trying to win even in a lost season, instead of agreeing to keep him in purgatory down in NOLA just because Loria wanted him to. Loria is cheap and people in this organization should try to not allow that to happen without challenging him, even if it costs you your job.

Michael Sonbeek: Dan Jennings was a bad GM and the firing was well deserved. Was it handled right? Probably not. But you can’t be upset about the Marlins firing him. I also don’t believe that report for one minute about the Ozuna thing.

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Sean Millerick: There really isn’t a reason for firing Dan Jennings that doesn’t make Jeffrey Loria look foolish, given that whatever the technical language of the story says, Jennings was seemingly offered the chance of return…and then suddenly told not to return. Even if the reason was a criminal act, the team would look bad for not doing their due diligence. And if the reason was Ozuna, then full kudos to the front office for allowing the “Ozuna issue” to get back into the news cycle just before the onset of free agency; it’s like playing poker against someone who is showing all their cards while their wife screams over their shoulder about their finances.

Mark Laming: If this is in fact about Jennings playing Ozuna, than it’s unbelievably silly. I know Loria wants to see Ozuna in the lineup, and has a bad habit of overstepping his bounds but this is too far. Especially if it potentially forced out Jennings.