Fences to Officially Move In At Marlins Park in 2016


The rather new baseball stadium in Miami, which opened in 2012, is already going under new changes. There was much speculation around the fences being moved in, as Marlins Park is known to be a very spacious stadium.

Many Marlins players have already voiced their displeasures to management about the fences being not only too far but too high as well. Players mainly complained about not being remunerated for hitting balls well to the middle of the diamond. According to MLB.COM, some players said, “When it plays smaller, I feel better about myself.” Team President David Samson added this statement –

“It will be interesting to see what it means psychologically, that’s the one thing we can’t measure.”-David Samson

The current dimensions at Marlins Park are 344 feet down in left field, 386 in left-center, 418 in center, 392 in right-center, and 335 down the right field line. In addition, the walls array from 11 ½ – 13 feet high. Management has stated however, that changes will come, but they still want the park to be pitcher friendly.

The changes to the stadium have officially been announced.

According to MLB.COM, The distance down each line will remain the same, 344 in left field and 335 in right field. The desperate changes will mostly be coming in the power alleys and center field. Straightaway center field will be now be 407 feet instead of 418 and the fences will be lowered to around 5 1/2 feet high.

Since the opening of the ballpark, Marlins Park ranks second to last in home runs. Only one more than AT&T Park in where the San Francisco Giants play.

This past season, the Marlins had 53 of their 120 home runs in Miami. Continuously, the Marlins and Giants were tied for last in home runs hit at home. Miami was also last in the majors last year in doubles not only at home but on the road as well.

The team believes these changes will give them a better chance to winning more games at home next season.