Does Jose Fernandez want to stay with the Miami Marlins?


In 2013 Jose Fernandez burst noisily onto the scene in baseball. The Cuban pitcher showed flair and flamboyance and instantly became a favorite among Marlins fans. It looked as if Jose was going to be a Marlin for life, a real franchise player spending all of his days down in South Florida. Unfortunately, that’s not the case as rumors began to emerge that Fernandez asked to be traded spawning multiple trade rumors during the winter meetings.

So the question is now, does Jose want to stay a Marlin? With the supposed demands and Fernandez not commenting on his future, it’s not looking like Jose is going to stick around much longer before he is pushed out of town.

With how much Jose verbalized and showed that he wanted to stay in Miami, you would think that he wouldn’t think for a second about a trade. So why all of a sudden is there a push to trade him? Did he fall from grace with the organization? Has he just gotten tired of “trusting the process”? Or maybe this is all the team, and Jose wants to stay at Marlins Park.

When asked it the rumors bothered him, Fernandez said he just “Didn’t pay attention to them” despite the massive rumors being thrown around and that he was “focused on pitching.”

With Fernandez reportedly pulled from the market towards the end of the winter meetings, the bigger question is if the Marlins will trade him at the trade deadline. There’s a chance that he will be discussed, but the chances of a concrete trade are low as the Marlins have supposedly been asking unreasonable prices for Fernandez.

One encouraging sign that Jose will stick around is that he approves the hiring of new manager Don Mattingly and hitting coach Barry Bonds. He has publicly voiced his approval with the hiring of both, and that’s a giant leap in the right direction.

When free agency comes up in just a few years will Fernandez re-sign? Is he happy enough to stay here in South Florida or would he rather jump ship into a bigger market? Will his agent Scott Boras lure him out of Miami to a new city to chase the money? Only time will tell.

What we know for now is that Jose Fernandez will be pitching for the Miami Marlins in the Miami Marlins in 2015 (at least for a little bit). Hopefully whatever ill feeling there might be between Fernandez and the organization or patched up.