Miami Marlins having slow offseason


With the MLB offseason well underway one of the most puzzling things for Marlins fans has been the lack of activity the from the team. After the offseason leading up to 2015 was a fast and furious offseason with big signings and major trades, the offseason leading up to 2016 has been dead silent. The Marlins have acquired some minor league depth players and resigned Jeff Mathis, that’s literally it.

The team has only made headlines for proposed trades that never came to fruition. Having shopped ace Jose Fernandez and slugging outfielder Marcell Ozuna all winter long, the team has not made any concrete moves to ship out either of them.

With rumors surrounding the Marlins acquiring the starting pitcher and first baseman, they have yet to sign either. With the market quickly becoming depleted, the attention turns to if the Marlins are actually going to sign either.

The Marlins were supposed to be in the market for two starting pitchers after non-tendering Henderson Alvarez. The Marlins current rotation look brutal featuring Jose Fernandez, David Phelps, Tom Koehler, Jared Cosart, and Adam Conley. In other words, a team that was once glutted with pitching now doesn’t have any at all.

The first base side of things is a little more complicated. Justin Bour was streaky all year long but came on strong down the stretch and made his case to be the Marlins everyday starting first baseman in 2015. With rumors of a potential platoon with Bour, the Marlins have yet to sign somebody who could fill in that role. They did acquire Xavier Scruggs but he is no more than a minor league depth signing.

So now several weeks into the offseason, will the Marlins make any moves at all? With most of the higher end targets off the market, can the Marlins find enough value in the bargain bins to fill a contending roster for 2016? Maybe they could, but the longer the offseason goes on without any concrete signings, the less likely the Marlins can find any players who could legitimately help them succeed in 2016.