Miami Marlins Trade Reviews: Nathan Eovaldi


During the 2015 offseason the Miami Marlins had one goal: acquire veterans. They did just that going out and trading for Dee Gordon, Mat Latos, Dan Haren and Martin Prado. As part of that movement in Miami, the Marlins shipped out prospect pitcher Domingo German and young right-hander Nahtan Eovaldi. The move looked beneficial for both sides as the Marlins got a veteran third baseman and the Yankees acquired two young pitchers.

During his time with the Marlins Eovaldi was a misunderstood and streaky player. At only 24 years old, Eovaldi showed promise and flashes of brilliance. He looked like an integral part of the Marlins future plans, a crucial part of their rotation of the future. But after an up and down 2014, the Marlins dealt him away to New York. Their return, Martin Prado.

Prado, known throughout his career as a steady and concisest third baseman, was just as advertised for the Marlins in 2015. He was a solid day to day player who appeared in 129 games and hit a respectable .288.  His 12.3 K% ranks in the upper tier of major league players but Prado’s 6.7 BB% is well below average.

So the Marlins ultimately got what they were expecting. Prado was solid, did the little things right and by all accounts was a fairly unspectacular player in 2015. Which is exactly what the Marlins were expecting upon completing the trade with New York.

Meanwhile, the gamble the Yankees took paid off big time. Eovaldi had the best season of his career becoming a three-win pitcher. At times, Eovaldi was dominant leaving 72% of baserunners he allowed stranded. He struck out about seven batters in every nine innings of work and amassed a 14-3 record.

Ultimately, this deal wasn’t brutally bad for the Marlins. They got a steady every day third baseman who they got great production out of.  In doing so, they surrendered all of the potential Eovaldi had which was fulfilled in 2o15 and at 25 he still has plenty of growth going forward. If Eovaldi continues to get better then the Marlins will look back in anguish at this deal, but as of today, it ended up being a fairly even deal for both sides.