The four days of Christmas: Prospects Development


With Christmas four days away, it’s time to examine what the Marlins want for Christmas this year. While I know it’s the twelve days of Christmas, you can blame a late start for the series only spanning four days. Anyhow, if the Marlins could ask for four things for Christmas what would they want? During the four days leading up to Christmas we will examine the answer to that question.

The first thing the Marlins want for Christmas is one of the most coveted presents out there. No, it’s not a hoverboard or a drone, but prospects. Every MLB team strives to get a strong stable of prospects and young talent. With the rise of the Astros, Cubs, and Royals, the myth you can buy a World Series Championship has officially been dissolved.

The Marlins on the other hand, enjoy trading away the much desired prospects for veterans. Having dealt several of their top prospects including Andrew Heaney and Colin Moran, the Marlins find themselves in a hole trying to get some young talent to fill out their farm system.

With their last two draft picks being huge risks in Tyler Kolek and Josh Naylor, the Marlins are either going to win big or lose it all on these two picks. With Kolek struggling through his first season of Single-A ball in Greensboro and mixed reviews coming out about Naylor, the Marlins farm system is defined more by questions than answers.

The rest of the Marlins farm system is made up of middle to lower tier prospects including Avery Romero, Austin Dean, Thomas Telis, and Kendy Flores. Not a whole lot of big names in that group at all.

The Marlins really have no means or assets (with the exception of Giancarlo and Jose) to go out and acquire big prospects on the trade market without triggering a massive rebuild.

So instead of top level prospects, what the Marlins really want for Christmas is for their existing prospect to develop. Some solid years in the minors leading up to Major League call-ups. That’s all the Marlins could really ask for at this point. Instead of go all in on a guy who can hit 450 bombs, or a fireballing pitcher who has a fastball in the 100s, maybe the Marlins could draft solid, can’t miss players, instead of putting all the chips in the middle of the table.

Maybe Avery Romero will be a solid second baseman if Dee Gordon surprises to leave. Maybe Tyler Kolek will figure it out and become a solid major league starter. Maybe the Marlins will get some Christmas magic and end up with a great year out of their farm system, but this gift is not one you can expect under the tree on Christmas day.