Could Xavier Scruggs see time in the majors?


With the Marlins slow off-season just continuing to drag out it’s time to look at what little moves the Fish actually did make. While none of the names have been big, there is one name that might potentially bring value, Xavier Scruggs. Most people clicking on this article are more than likely laughing at the prospect of a MILB signing making a legitimate and meaningful impact on the Marlins in 2015, but Scruggs could be a slight surprise in 2016.

Scurggs, a career minor league player came up through the Cardinals ranks after making his pro debut in 2008. In 2014, Scruggs finally completed the long hard journey to the majors appearing in 9 games and striking out in almost 40% of his at bats (ouch). He then made another appearance in the majors in 2015 playing in 17 games this time, batting .262 over the small period of time. Scruggs spent the bulk of 2015 in Memphis playing in Triple-A.

So why could Scruggs potentially see some time in the majors? While it may sound like a reach, it’s simple: the Marlins have not signed another first baseman and don’t have a wealth of pure first baseman on their current 40-man roster. If he can have an impressive camp, Scruggs can definitely break onto the Marlins big league roster and have his opportunity to play more than 17 games in a season.

It will all ultimately come down to how he does in the spring. A good spring will more than likely lead to a roster spot for the Scruggs. A bad camp will lead to him either looking for another employer, or being sent to New Orleans.