Barry Bonds eagerly giving coaching a shot


No matter where you are from or what team you root for, Barry Bonds is one of baseball’s most controversial figures. Between his well-documented fits of rage, and the rumors that he used steroids throughout his career, Bonds is a universally vexing character.

This winter, the Marlins gave Bonds a shot to be their hitting coach. His first major job in coaching, 2016 will be Bonds’ first shot at coaching at any level of professional baseball.

But, Bonds is not motivated by money or glory, he’s not motivated by trying to recapture what he once was, he has been motivated by his family and Willie Mays. After having long conversations, and being pushed by his mother, Bonds decided to look into coaching for the first time. Bonds figured, he’d never know if he enjoyed coaching unless he tried, and this is his shot.

Barry Bonds didn’t want to be someone to just come in for a day or two though. He wanted to be “in the trenches” and get a feel for coaching, Bonds says by July he should know if coaching is for him, or if he feels pulled in another direction.

Bonds wants to do things the way his dad Bobby Bonds, and Willie Mays would’ve done things, honoring them by being the best hitting coach possible.

So, maybe Bonds wasn’t such a bad idea after all. Maybe the days of brash and hot-headed Barry are in the rear-view mirror and a more mature Bonds will bring his expertise in hitting to the Marlins clubhouse. Maybe it’s time for Bonds to make the most of his second chance and be able to honor his family’s baseball lineage.

Only time will tell. Barry said himself that he is not sure if coaching is for him yet, but he should know by mid-season. This is a move that could pay off big time if Bonds finds his niche coaching, and continues to prove that he’s matured and a better man than he was during his playing days.