The Four Days of Christmas: The Returns


We have all been there at least once in our life. We either get two of the same thing or get a truly horrible gift and we have to make a run back to the store, receipt in hand to return it. Now that Christmas is officially over, the return season has just begun. The Miami Marlins wish they had a returnable receipt otherwise, their young core would still be intact and they would be looking to be one of the top teams in the league.

The first item the Marlins would return would be Jared Cosart. After being traded for to be the anchor of the Marlins staff in the future, the Marlins dealt away speedster and defensive specialist Jake Marisnick to the Astros in order to get Cosart. Cosart faltered throughout the 2015 season while Marisnick continued to be an above replacement outfielder and the Fish ended up with egg on their face in this deal.

The Marlins also dealt away prospect Anthony DeSclafani away for veteran Mat Latos. After Latos had a meltdown in his first start in Miami, the trend just continued until he was dealt to the Dodgers at the trade deadline. DeSclafani thrived in the Reds rotation and is a huge part of the Reds future while Latos is no longer with the Marlins and is currently looking for another gig.

Signing wise, the Fish wish they could return what they spent on Mike Morse. Morse was supposed to be a cornerstone for the Marlins at first base and bring some power to Marlins Park. Yet, Morse struck out more often than not, and was incredibly inconsistent at the plate leading to a trade to the Dodgers.

We all wish we could take our horrible gifts back sometimes, and the Marlins are no exception. Unfortunately, the Marlins don’t have a receipt and they can’t just take back what they’ve already done, but they can move forward.