Miami Marlins Fish Flash 3/29

Behold the secret weapon. Mandatory Credit: Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports
Behold the secret weapon. Mandatory Credit: Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports /

Morning Marlin Maniacs.  Breath deep, relax.  One week from tonight, you’ll be settling in for Opening Day.  The time has come for real baseball.  If you’re tired of practice games, of players working on mechanics as opposed to winning games, then the forces of nature are apparently on your side; this afternoon saw the third rainout in four days for the Marlins.

So once again, not so much baseball to report on.  If bored at work, check out the Marlin Maniac contribution to last night’s Rising Apple podcast; we’re at the 28:00 mark. But also enjoy our Miami Marlins Fish Flash of course, as we take you through what stokes the fires of Miami’s All-Star second baseman, all the way up to how the Marlins can snag an injury scare away from the jaws of a rainout.  Let’s dive in.

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Dee Gordon, Bill James Agree to Disagree

The Miami Herald’s Clark Spencer starts us off with an interview that has been a long time coming.  Last season saw our Marlin Maniac house divided over Dee Gordon, with me being the lone defender in the face of a slew of….entirely reasonable, logical sabermetric analysis. Spencer queries Gordon on his thoughts on being continually told he’s due to regress.

Tom Koehler Nicked By Liner   

Steven Ryzewski of has the full report on the minor but frustrating injury scare that cropped up today for a key member of the starting rotation despite the Marlins spring game of the day being called on account of rain. If only it rained in Jupiter too.

Mets Fans Are Fearing The Fish- Yea, Yea, Yea  

Lastly, the staff at Rising Apple- our sister New York Mets blog here at FanSided- served up their thoughts on which team will be the defending NL Champion’s “kryptonite” in 2016.  Four of seven staffers pick the Marlins; it really warms the heart, and is worth a look.

And of course, so is this.

Feel free to stop once they stop saying “fish”.  Loved dancing to this all through 1997, be it at the stadium or during those awesome tv spots.  That’ll do it for this wrap though- we’ll try that playing baseball thing again this afternoon.