Miami Marlins Fish Flash 4/18


Morning Marlin Maniacs, and thank you for reading.  As we hinted last week, we know you have some basketball and hockey storylines to distract you.

Off to our Fish Flash though.  The Marlins are looking for multiple pitchers in their system to step up and find a new gear, be it in the rotation or their overworked bullpen; despite some early snags though, the team plans to stick with the arms they brought with them when they left Jupiter.  Let’s dive in.

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Cosart Working On Secondary Stuff  

Lost in the excitement of pummeling the Mets 10-3 last Monday was the fact that the starting pitcher for the Marlins couldn’t make it out of the fifth inning.  Jarred Cosart is aware that he needs more than a fastball in his arsenal, at least according to the Miami Herald’s Andre Fernandez.  Read up on what the vertigo-free righty is working on.

Club Not Breaking Emergency Glass On Bullpen Yet 

When Carter Capps went down with his injury, plenty of prognosticators felt the loss was absorbable due to the plethora of high octane arms left to choose from.  And…then they were all sent to New Orleans to work on stuff, or additionally DLed in the case of Mike Dunn.  But despite the three bullpen losses, Marlins management wants to stay the course thus far.’s Joe Frisaro has the tale; we’ll see if it’s the same one being told next week.

Mr. Phelps’ Mission: Pitch However We Need You To  

I’m officially gonna start calling him Mission Impossible.  Maybe Mr. Impossible.  Maybe we stick with Mr. Phelps, but petition the team to play the Mission Impossible music whenever Phelps enters.  Because that’s essentially the role being thrust upon the starter/long-reliever/spot starter/middle reliever.  The Herald’s Clark Spencer takes you through the journey of David Phelps.