Reyes Signs With Mets: For Marlins No Move The Right Move


The feel of a playoff race can sometimes blur better judgment. However, sometimes the best move is the one that is never made. While the Marlins season has suddenly caught fire, it is noteworthy to mention that,thankfully, the Marlins stayed away from Jose Reyes. While Reyes may still be upset about being traded after his first season in Miami, given his public domestic violence situation, one has to imagine Reyes would have considered any offer that came his way. 

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Jose Reyes would have been a great baseball move for the Marlins. A desperate veteran with enough in the tank to contribute, at a minimal salary, is about a clear a target for the Marlins as it gets. Reyes would have added bench depth and provided Don Mattingly a solid alternative at third base if the team wanted to dangle Martin Prado for a pitcher. Even if Prado was never traded, it is hard to argue that Reyes would not be a great fallback plan if October baseball became a reality. Remember, Dee Gordon may be back in July, but he is playoff ineligible.


I played for those guys for THIS long…. Mandatory Credit: Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports
I played for those guys for THIS long…. Mandatory Credit: Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports /


Given the Marlins history of making the move they best see fit regardless of public sentiment, it’s worth applauding that they may have avoided the Jose Reyes public blowback. As far as most accounts go, Reyes was a great teammate and one of the few things that went right in 2012. In addition, since his domestic violence incident he has appeared remorseful, apologetic, and acceptant of the disciplinary suspension (see Greg Hardy for how not to respond to such a situation). Despite that, the reward of signing Reyes would not have outweighed the negative impression that would have come with providing him a landing spot.


As trade winds begin to swirl, the Marlins have been linked to a couple of relief pitchers, Aroldis Chapman and Fernando Rodney. Similar to Reyes, Chapman has recently had a domestic violence incident. However, the man can throw it about as hard as anyone in the history of the game and his local ties to the Cuban community would certainly be appealing. But just like with Reyes, the Marlins should stay away and chase after Rodney.

The summer of 2016 can go down in the memories of a new generation much the same way the summer of 2003 still remains in the minds of many. Let’s hope the Marlins take their own advice and keep the negative attention away. In the words of Ron Burgandy, Stay Classy Miami.