Miami Marlins Fish Flash 9/26: Jose Fernandez Remembered


Morning Marlin Maniacs, and may today be far better than yesterday for you all. We’ve taken a couple swings at putting thoughts into words here on the site, and will do so at least once more before finally attempting to push back to the day to day baseball operations of the Miami Marlins. But for now, there is still nothing to do but shake your head at the loss of Jose Fernandez.

The Marlins won Saturday, didn’t play yesterday, and will resume play tonight. Without knowing anything about what will transpire, I would do your best to find time to watch. Be it radio, television, or even making your way to Marlins Park, take the time to find some solace in sharing that loss with others. Even if it is from a distance.

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So for this morning’s Fish Flash, we’re linking you to the three best pieces we’ve seen so far reflecting on Jose.

More Symbol Than Player 

The Miami Herald’s Dan Le Batard starts us off with a personal appeal that resonates with the entire South Florida community, and reminds us just how much more there was to Jose Fernandez than pitching brilliance.

Oh, What We Could Have Seen 

Next up, ESPN’s Jayson Stark brilliantly mixes reverence and baseball knowledge while painting the picture of just what the Miami Marlins phenom was projected to do, based on the brilliance he had already achieved.

Not Alone Folks 

Lastly, we leave you with’s Joe Frisaro, who poignantly recaps the words, remembrances, and tributes observed from fans throughout the day at Marlins Park.

Next: Fans Reeling From Shocking Loss

Again, we’ll start thinking about wins, losses, and statistics later in the week. For now, reflect and remember.