Marlin Maniac RTD 1/30: Marlins Free Agents, Hall of Famers

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That guy that still isn't over the Heat winning in '06 honors a Marlins great. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
That guy that still isn’t over the Heat winning in ’06 honors a Marlins great. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports /

Thoughts On Pudge Getting Into The Hall Of Fame? 

Sean Millerick: Ecstatic. Obviously, the lion’s share of what got him there happened as a Ranger. But he was good as a Marlin, and that’s a first for players inducted into the Hall in not only my lifetime, but that of the franchise.  Plus, he was just such a huge part of that second championship…how can you not be thrilled as a Marlins fan?

David Marcillo: Pudge getting into the Hall of Fame was great. He had an excellent career and deserved the recognition. He only played 144 of his 2543 games in a Marlins uniform though, so it’s not much of a *Marlins* thing, aside from good memories of 1997. But that season had little to do with Pudge’s induction. 

Joshua Alfonso: Clearly deserving, he will forever have his best moment in a Marlins uniform despite spending only one season here. JT Snow is still waiting for that ball to leave Pudge’s hand.

Kyle Rowley: He is definitely deserving. What he did in 2003 for this franchise was paramount. Winning an MVP as a catcher is a very rare feat, which he did in 1999. His all-time best caught stealing percentage of 45.6% is also a huge factor.

Eric Quinones: Pudge getting into the Hall Of Fame is a no brainer. His resume speaks for itself. He was a superstar in the MLB. Marlins’ fans saw firsthand in 2003 how he performed when the lights shined brightest in the World Series. He was a huge reason why the Fish became world champions in 2003. He’s one of the top 5 catchers in the history of baseball. He’s in the conversation for the best defensive catcher in the history of baseball and his 13 gold gloves prove it. He was well deserving of being a first ballot Hall Of Famer.