Marlin Maniac RTD 1/30: Marlins Free Agents, Hall of Famers

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He's just getting started for the Marlins. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
He’s just getting started for the Marlins. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports /

Dare To Predict The First Player To Make The Hall Of Fame As A Marlin? 

Sean Millerick: Cabrera, provided Loria sells the team this summer after showcasing it with the All-Star Game, someone with deep pockets buys the team, and then flips a nice package of talent to a rebuilding Detroit team looking to shed salary. Barring that, Christian Yelich. Length and value of the contract could actually keep him here the full seven years. I think that would do it.

David Marcillo: This is impossible, but I’ll take a shot: Christian Yelich.  

Joshua Alfonso: As prodigious a homerun hitter as Stanton is, at this point I don’t think he is projecting to have a HOF career. How about we say, hasn’t played for the Marlins yet.

Kyle Rowley: It should have been Miguel Cabrera, but that trade….As of now the Marlins don’t really have an obvious option, so I will take Stanton as a longshot. If he can stay healthy, his power numbers give him a chance.

Eric Quinones: If Sheffield isn’t inducted into the Hall Of Fame as a Marlin, the next best bet would be Christian Yelich. Yelich has been proven in his young career to hit, and hit, and just hit some more. If he stays healthy throughout his career and continues to grow into a superstar, he may have a shot at 3000 hits and multiple All Star Game selections. Oh yeah, and let me not forget that Ichiro is a first ballot Hall Of Famer, but he will most likely be inducted as a Seattle Mariner. 

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