Miami Marlins Fish Flash 1/30


Morning Marlin Maniacs- hope you survived all the All-Star excitement from the past weekend. Nothing like the NFL and NHL All-Star Games to stir those first feelings of wishing like crazy for a Marlins Spring Training game.

Thankfully, we’re just two weeks away from pitchers and catchers reporting. Which means we’re just over two weeks away from being able to link you to stories that actually took place recently, on a real field no less.

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But today…is not that day. So time for three stories that take you down Marlin memory lane, from fondly remembering our most dominant pitcher, to Marlins Trivia 101, to an advanced course in the subject, we’ve got you covered. Time to dive in.

Most Dominant Marlins Pitcher Ever 

Last June, he signed my baseball. Last September, I cried. This Christmas, my wife bought me his jersey. All that said, Jose Fernandez can only come in second on the list of Most Dominant Marlins Pitchers. That honor goes to Kevin Brown.’s Joe Frisaro tells you all about the man with the crazy scary scowl.

Before Stanton and Yelich, There Was Hermida 

His overall history is complex. Heralded at one point as the most talented young player on the team, Jeremy Hermida quickly saw himself surpassed by Hanley Ramirez, Dan Uggla, and honestly even Jorge Cantu. But he still holds claim to one interesting bit of Marlin trivia, and one that is true of all of baseball as well. Matt Monagan at’s Cut 4 division gives you some video and a brief interview with the Former Fish.

Chuck Smith: It’s Not Just LeBron That Went To Cleveland 

Lastly, leave it to the Miami Herald’s Clark Spencer to track down one of my all time favorite Marlins rookie stories. It’s a brief human interest piece more than anything, but it’s a nice reminder of how many players are just happy to have had the opportunity to say they made it to the Show.

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And that’s all the news that’s fit to link and retweet today. We’ll catch you later Fish fans, and here’s hoping we can all make our mark in what it is that we do.

Or just get through Monday. Either way.