Miami Marlins Have Another Hall of Fame Caliber Bidder

A former Hall of Fame foe could be buying the Miami Marlins. Mandatory Credit: Gregory J. Fisher-USA TODAY Sports
A former Hall of Fame foe could be buying the Miami Marlins. Mandatory Credit: Gregory J. Fisher-USA TODAY Sports /

It looks like another former MLB superstar is entering what might actually be a legitimate race to buy the Miami Marlins.

According to Scott Soshnick of Bloomberg, former foe and current Hall of Famer Tom Glavine is part of another group that has entered the bidding for the Miami Marlins.

The talented lefty spent his entire career in the National League East battling the Marlins, and was always a bit of a curiosity in the process. Despite being one of the greatest pitchers in the modern era, he frequently could not solve Miami, then Florida. His career line against the Fish was only 17-19 with an ERA of 4.03. Typically that was the fault of former Marlins manager Mike Redmond. Redmond, who batted .438 against Glavine, with an even more absurd on-base percentage of .472 across nearly fifty at-bats.

Probably a good thing Redmond has already been fired. Glavine might not have been able to resist a guaranteed way to get him out.

Who is the opposition?

This is of course the second story pertaining to a potential Marlins sale to break this week. As it was reported on Wednesday that Jeb Bush and Derek Jeter had possibly joined forces. Glavine appears to be filling the Jeter role to a certain extent in this case.

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Serving as the baseball savvy frontman of a Solamere Capital backed group; MLB Trade Rumors’ Connor Byrne pens an excellent piece exploring that relationship a little further. Being Solamere, it involves a Romney, albeit son Tagg as opposed to the senior Mitt.

In any event, a record has to be being set here for politically charged groups intersecting with baseball.

The clear takeaway from both of this week’s sale stories would have to to be that there is real traction on this getting done. The more hats that are thrown into the ring, the more certain it becomes that hopeful Marlins fans are not dealing with wild rumors and speculation.

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After all, it’s like the old saying goes. Where there’s smoke…there’s an end to firesales.