What the Future May Hold for the Fish

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Trading Star Power

Stanton in 2018 is projected to make $25 million and Prado $13.5 million. Chen is on a player option for $12.6 million with an additional deferred $2.9 million. That is a lot of dough.

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Depending on what new management would be willing to spend, here is one possibility for the upcoming season. Hold on tight, you won’t like this section.

With Stanton set to make $25 million on his own, we may see our star slugger moved. This may not necessarily be a bad thing, considering what we could get in return.

Obviously the Fish would have to find a team with deep pockets and a win now attitude. But, they would need to combine that to find the unicorn that also has a very good farm system.

With all of that said, there would also be a need to find a team with either an aging outfield or an outfield that needs work in order to win. Normally we could say Yankees and close the book.

But, the Yankees have been on a kick of building their own farm system over the years and are, according to MLB pipeline, sitting with the second best farm system in the league.

I present to you, the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Dodgers have the sixth best farm system in all of baseball, check that box. They also have the highest payroll in baseball, and are set to see that drop by almost half next season.

In the Dodgers’ system, out of their top 30 prospects 12 are pitchers. If there’s one place where the Marlins need help, it is pitching. But, what would the Fish do with a gaping hole in right?

There will be a few options hitting the 2018 free agent market that won’t command nearly the salary that Stanton does. Another possibility would be to include, I hate saying this, Yasiel Puig in the deal.

Puig is set to make half of what Stanton would next season. Given the Dodgers want to get rid of Puig, this may be a deal that could work as long as the Dodgers add in substantial minor league prospects.

Fun fact, I’m not a fan of this idea.