What the Future May Hold for the Fish

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Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports /

Build Around the Core

The final possibility would be to build around their central core of players. This will likely be the outcome, however, it will require an increase in spending from management.

With central players like Christian Yelich, Dee Gordon, Prado, Stanton, Ozuna, and J.T. Realmuto, the Fish have the base formed for a championship team. Their main hindrance is their starting pitching staff. While Tom Koehler and Adam Conley are a great three-four or four-five tandem, the top of the rotation needs work.

If the new management would be willing to increase the salary presence of the Marlins, I do not see why we couldn’t land a great starting pitcher in free agency. In this offseason alone, we may see a player like Jake Arrieta hit the market.

If free agency was not the route that they decided to go building around the core players, the potential management may have to get creative when it comes to adding starting pitching.

The Marlins do not have much to offer from the minors and their most appealing players are part of the core in which we are speaking.

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Regardless what the potential ownership does, they will have many decisions to make moving forward when it comes to this franchise.