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The Miami Marlins could use some depth, as well as another Cuban star. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
The Miami Marlins could use some depth, as well as another Cuban star. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports /

For years leading up to it’s opening, the Miami Marlins wanted to give fans a ballpark to be proud about and they’ve succeeded with Marlins Park.

The Miami Marlins opened their own ballpark on the old Orange Bowl site in Little Havana in 2012. Before this, they shared then Sun Life Stadium with the Miami Dolphins since their existence.

The big, spacey football stadium was never an ideal place to play baseball. The intentions when Marlins Park was being built was to give fans the best experience possible.

They wanted all seats facing the plate, no obstructions, and an open concourse. A personal favorite at Marlins Park is the fact that it is an open concourse.

The concourse

At the football stadium, you’d have to go through a tunnel to go use the bathroom, get food, or buy souvenirs.

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Now, you can get up and see the entire field while walking around the entire ballpark. Also something very underrated is the fact that you can walk the ballpark.

At the football stadium it would take around 20 minutes to make your way around. Now it’ll take a short 10 minutes to complete a circle. Another part of Marlins Park that goes under the radar is the food.

With free Wi-Fi and phone charging stations around the park, you won’t have to shut your phone off mid game. My favorite part of going to Marlins Park is though is during the game. The Marlins do a fantastic job of keeping you entertained between innings so you don’t get bored.

I’ve been to Fenway Park and Great American Ballpark, and by no means are those bad ballparks. Between innings though, it’s nothing but organ music which will put you to sleep by the 7th inning.

The food/ drinks

Marlins Park has a taste of Miami section with different kind of Latino foods being made. They have a grilled cheese stand that is widely considered the best stand at the park. They have kosher stands, grill stands, ice cream stands, they truly have it all at Marlins Park.

In left center field they also have the Budweiser Bar where you can grab a drink and still watch the game. If you’re a technological the person, the Marlins have you covered.

At Marlins Park there’s always something on the big screen to pass time and keep you interested throughout. If you’re +21 years old, there’s even the Clevelander club in left field to go party at.

The parking

The final component to Marlins Park is the parking. People forget that Marlins Park is legitimately in the city of Miami. It’s crowded no matter where you are. However, on-site parking is only 20$ and is more convenient than people think.

At other city ballparks, parking will be 40$ and you’ll have to wake a mile and half to the park. It’s not a bad deal at all, just different then the gigantic open lot of the football stadium.

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Each ballpark is unique with their own personality. Marlins park is a place they want you to have fun at, win or lose and not just to watch a baseball game.