Another sale that should happen, not involving Jeter or Loria

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The Miami Marlins have been entangled in sale talks since before the season even began. But, it may be time to consider a different type of sale.

With the Miami Marlins off to a dreadful 14-26 start, a lot of questions are being asked. One of the main topics of discussion has been the sale of the team. Obviously with all of the sale talks, the team is clearly being effected.

But, should the Marlins consider a different kind of sale? Not one involving the change in ownership, more so, a change in personnel. This topic was explored a little bit earlier in the season as a possibility when new ownership took over. But, now, it looks like this possibility should be explored much sooner.

If you’re a die-hard like myself, this is a tough pill to swallow, but for the long term benefit of the team, it seems to be the only feasible option. The Marlins need to tear down and rebuild. This was also explored by Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports recently.

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Some of the top paid player for the Fish are not performing to the standard that they are being paid. Those include Giancarlo Stanton, Dee Gordon, Wei-Yin Chen, Edinson Volquez, the list goes on and on. Changes need to be made.

Let’s talk money

For next season, the four players previously listed are set to make a total of a little over $61 million next season. That is over half of what this season’s payroll is. Add in the contracts of Martin Prado, Brad Ziegler, and Junichi Tazawa and you are now looking at and you are looking at $91 million.

These numbers are before you even factor in the numerous players that the Fish will be negotiating arbitration and re-sign. That leaves very little money for an already thin free agent market.

Instead of continuously investing in overpaid veterans, why not acquire young prospects? Rebuild and add youth. Bring in prospects and build around some of the players that the Fish have contract control over.

Is the train already headed down the track?

The Washington Nationals have already expressed some interest in closer A.J. Ramos this season. While I don’t like the idea of trading within the NL East. This is a very good opportunity to begin the rebuild.

Completing a deal like this could net the Marlins two or three touted prospects that could begin building the future. Since bursting onto the scene for the Marlins in 2015, Ramos has been a cornerstone of our bullpen. But, if the bullpen isn’t keeping the lead, what is the sense in retaining him when we could build for the future?

In a perfect world, the Marlins would be able to land the Nationals’ top three prospects. However, that is unlikely. The Fish should still shop within the top 30 though. With the urgency the Nationals are showing, the Marlins could bring in some players to help in the not so distant future.

If the Nationals would part with players such as Shortstop Carter Kieboom, Third Baseman Kelvin Gutierrez, and pitcher like Austin Voth, the Marlins may be in the works for starting the rebuild.

Adding these three players specifically would begin building for a future without Adeiny Hechavarria and Prado. By doing this, it would also be the beginnings of adding young arms to the minor league system.

Who else could be moved?

If a player like Ramos could pull in that kind of haul from the Nationals, imagine what a player like Stanton could bring in. Plenty of teams are on the lookout for standout players with a power bat, Stanton fits that description perfectly. The only thing that may have teams hesitant is the outrageous contract that Loria gave him.

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Another player that could, and should, be moved is Marcell Ozuna. While I love El Oso, it does not make sense to retain a player who, in all likelihood, will not stay with the Marlins beyond arbitration. With Ozuna on the upswing and finally putting together the season that we knew he was capable of, his stock has risen in value dramatically.

Prado is another player that could bring in decent prospects. Many teams have inquired in recent years for the services of Prado, and the Marlins have always turned them away. It’s time to be honest with ourselves as Marlins fans. We are not making the playoffs this season and without decent starting pitching and all around improvement, we won’t make the playoffs any time soon.

Patching the holes we have with players whose best days are behind them like Volquez, Tazawa, and Ziegler will not get it done. This team needs a charge. They need to gather a group of players that have their best days ahead.

The Fish already have the building blocks for a great franchise. With Christian Yelich patrolling center, and retainable through 2022 and, arguably, one of the best catchers in the game in J.T. Realmuto through 2020, this is a fantastic group to start around. Add Jarlin Garcia to the rotation and you have the beginnings of a very effective team.

Would it be worth it?

Short answer, yes. Long answer, the Marlins have one of the worst attendance records in baseball along with one of the most hated owners in baseball. While rebuilding would not be a popular move, building for the future would be the best idea.

Take a look at the Houston Astros. Once regarded as terrible, after the retirement of the “Killer B’s,” the Astros began their rebuilding process. Now boasting the best record in the Majors, this is a model that the Marlins should consider following.

As long as the Marlins retained the players they received from trades of Stanton, Prado, Gordon, and others, the team would be set for the future. This would require Michael Hill to not do any of his well formed trades, like the deal for Andrew Cashner.

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