Los Angeles Angels and Miami Marlins: Three stories to watch

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Power On Parade At Marlins Park

Aside from the two World Series victories, the best time to be a Miami Marlins fan might have been the 2011 offseason. The team was heading into a brand new ballpark. Jose Reyes had been signed. And there was a blissful few days, perhaps even a week, where there seemed to be a real chance that Albert Pujols was going to be bringing his talents to Little Havana as well. He and Stanton would unite to be what he and Miguel Cabrera should have been, the most terrifying 3-4 punch baseball had seen in decades.

But he didn’t come. Which honestly, given his sharp fall from superstar to semi-consistent veteran, was probably one of the most fortunate whiffs in franchise history. He’s here now though, for the first time since he left St. Louis. Seeing Mike Trout is awesome enough for young Miami Marlins fans, but this is also the first time in six years they get to see a player that is already in the all-time stratosphere.

Trout will make the Hall of Fame. Stanton still could, if he finds a way to stay healthy. But Pujols is a first ballot masher, and unlike when Alex Rodriguez visited a couple seasons ago, a masher that fans want to see break records. Pujols could actually reach 600 HR in this series. He’s three away, and Justin Nicolino is pitching in one of the games. Every shot in any event would be a thrill to say you saw, and I’d be shocked if the outfield seats aren’t filled every game.

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Then there are the young guns. Trout. Stanton. Even Ozuna with the season he’s having. The chances for in-game fireworks in this series are sky high.

For that alone, I’m tuning in all weekend. Fingers crossed some of those homers set off the statue, and we’ll catch you next series.