Three stories: Miami Marlins and Philadelphia Phillies

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Can The Miami Marlins Break Many Negative Pitching Trends?

There are, unfortunately, a lot of obstacles to the Miami Marlins finding that momentum though. And almost all of them have to do with starting pitching.

First off, there is the Curious Case of Edinson Volquez. Personally, I really wanted him to get a win in Oakland, just so we could revel in the fact that the first team he beat since switching to the National League was an American League team. No such luck though, he’s still winless.

Which isn’t that terrible of a thing at first glance, especially in this current era of WAR and WHIP, where wins are less emphasized than ever. But he does also lead the entire league in losses, and that’s a little harder to forgive. Grant it, he’s been better since his return from the DL, and he hasn’t enjoyed a ton of run support.

Still, dude needs to win. And easier opponents than Philadelphia don’t come along too often. If he can’t pull this off, it’ll be fair to start to wonder if he’s going to.

The other part of this are the Philadelphia pitching probables. Jeremy Hellickson has owned the Marlins, and Vince Velazquez always seems to save his odd awesome start for Miami as well. It’s never a good thing when the most winnable game in many ways is the one against the most talented pitcher (Aaron Nola).

The Fish will have to solve a lot of previously unsolvable arms if they are to have a chance.