Miami Marlins vs. Arizona Diamondbacks: 3 Stories To Watch

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Who Wins The First Base Showcase?

Spoiler alert for the next edition of Three Miami Marlins Stories To Watch. If Justin Bour has another series like the last several series, this is going to be a repeat question.

Because if you want to know who has been absolutely, uncontestedly, the best first baseman in the National League for the entire month of May, I’d be happy to tell you.

It’s Justin Bour. And it really isn’t close.

Bour batted .344 in May, good enough to lead his position in the NL. His 11 HRs led all of baseball, at any position. For the month, he leads Goldschmidt by about fifty points worth of batting average. For the past week, Bour has been a touch hotter, hitting .348. Goldschmidt has batted .160 during that same span.

However, Bour is receiving nearly zero love in the All-Star voting, whereas the next two starting first basemen the Marlins will come across are practically locks for the roster. Goldschmidt at least has been good overall. In fact, he’s arguably the third best position player the Fish have had to deal with this season behind Jose Altuve and Mike Trout. There’s been no evidence of it lately though, and as such, the Marlins have a real opportunity here.

For themselves, and for their much in lead of fan love first baseman.