Miami Marlins Fish Flash 6/2: Bats, Trust Funds, Tickets

The Miami Marlins just might want to start sharing Ichiro's bat. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports
The Miami Marlins just might want to start sharing Ichiro's bat. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports /

TGIF Marlin Maniacs, and welcome to today’s Miami Marlins Fish Flash.

To say last night stung is to do Kyle Barraclough one heck of a favor.

It was galling, and felt like the kind of loss that derails a series from the start. The Miami Marlins had a game blown by someone who has provided plenty of evidence that he, for the moment, can’t be trusted to hold the outcome of a game in his hand. The team’s future closer, right now he’s a mop up reliever. And to be honest, a strong case could be made for him being AAA Baby Cakes problem, and not Don Mattingly‘s.

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Of course, a strong case can also be made that it’s a problem Mattingly put him out there at all.

Today is a new day though, and one can only hope for a weekend of baseball just as competitive as Thursday night’s contest. Or a bunch of Marlins powered blowouts. Blowouts would be just fine. The offense does look hungry. I mean, Justin Bour even stole a base. Justin Bour! It’s almost as if someone told the likely NL Player of the Month that Paul Goldschmidt is better because of the stolen bases.

Perhaps that’s just wishful, video-game type thinking on a fan’s part. Did love watching it though.

However, if the on the field action isn’t enough to sate your baseball appetite, take the time off from work to peruse these three stories. From a special bat, to some event info, to an even more special gesture, we’ve got you covered. Time to dive in.

Legend Lends A Helping Piece Of Lumber

One of the coolest stories from the past week, especially for the Miami Marlins but arguably any team, has to be about Ichiro Suzuki and Marcell Ozuna. The Miami Herald’s Clark Spencer takes fans through a pretty remarkable bat exchange, one that close followers already know certainly worked out for the Fish.

ASG Ticket Alert 

This next story is less of a story than a market update, but one near and dear to my heart as I’m a baseball junkie that was obsessed with the quest to obtain a way in to the Midsummer Classic. The Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson walks you through the current market for All-Star Game and Home Run Derby tickets. Worth a look if you’re still thinking of going.

Trust For The Future

Lastly, we’ll close with a pretty remarkable, feel good story to pass along. After an unspeakable tragedy struck Cuban pitcher Jose Fernandezthe Miami Marlins promised to take care of his family. After coming to terms with the insurance company on a settlement amount, the team made moves to ensure their financial future. Classy move by the organization. Check it out.

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And that’s all the news that’s fit to relink and retweet. Enjoy the weekend, and fingers crossed the Fish head to Wrigley still not having lost a series. We’ll catch you Monday, with another Miami Marlins Fish Flash.