Volquez Makes History: Ranking The Miami Marlins No-Hitters

Indeed, anything CAN happen at a Miami Marlins game.Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
Indeed, anything CAN happen at a Miami Marlins game.Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Miami Marlins turned quite a few heads early Saturday evening when Edinson Volquez picked up the sixth no-hitter in franchise history.

Bottom-line, the Miami Marlins are now officially six times as awesome as the New York Mets. Five other teams too, but especially the Mets.

Petty bragging aside, this was a huge win for the Marlins. Fresh off of his very first win of the season, and right on the heels of three games that heavily taxed the bullpen, Edinson Volquez went the distance. Even if this had been an eight-hit shutout, that alone would have been of immense value to the club.

And arguably just as shocking. For as Marlins broadcaster Glenn Geffner was quick to note, it was exactly three years ago that a Marlins pitcher had even done that much. Just the act of going the distance, no matter how imperfect the innings were. The no-hitter though, obviously boosts this to another level. Unassailably, fans were just treated to one of the finer pitching performances in the history of the franchise. It was the first no-hitter in baseball this season, and first for the Marlins since Henderson Alvarez befuddled Detroit on the last day of the 2013 season.

For Volquez, he’s clearly hit a turning point in the season. For the club, things are just as starting to click. The Fish have now assured themselves of going at least four consec

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utive series without losing the series, a first for the season. Winners of seven of their last ten, they suddenly find themselves a game out of second place in the NL Least. No small feat at all for a team that was flirting with having the worst record in the majors just two weeks ago.

But for now, let’s take a step back from the 2017 Miami Marlins, and look back over the rich franchise history of previous no-no’s. We have had five more than the Mets after all, so there’s plenty of material to review. While at first it might seem a difficult task, one should keep in mind that all no-hitters are equal. Sometimes they’re honestly not even that well pitched. Ricky Nolasco‘s 16-strikeout performance, a handful of Jose Fernandez outings, Josh Beckett‘s WS Game 6, and Livan Hernandez‘s NLCS Game 5 would all beat out at least one no-hitter on the list if we were just going by dominance.

However, we all know there really isn’t anything more magical in baseball than tossing those nine hitless frames.

So we’ll stick to making sense of the six, and seeing just where Edinson Volquez slots in in this all-time ranking of the closest Miami Marlins fans have come to glimpsing pitching perfection.