A complete list of the Miami Marlins 2017 MLB Draft selections

Mandatory Credit: Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports /

This was a very important draft for the Miami Marlins. In desperate need of rebuilding their farm, here’s a complete look at who the Fish selected.

The first day of the draft is when teams hope to hit on a player that they can build the future of their franchise around. The Miami Marlins had three selections in the first day of the draft.

In addition to their first and second round selections, the Fish also held a selection in the Competitive Balance Round A. Some experts felt the Marlins reached with both Brian Miller, and Joseph Dunand. Clearly the front office saw something they felt deemed such a high selection.

Many of these names you might never hear again. There’s a chance some will over perform and make the Major League team eventually. Within a few years, we might be talking about a player on this list that is winning Rookie of the Year.

As time moves along, we’ll be taking a closer look at each prospect individually. But with the MLB Draft commencing on Wednesday afternoon, here’s a list of all the players the Marlins selected.

First day selections

  • Round 1 – Trevor Rogers, LHP, Carlsbad High School
  • Competitive Balance A – Brian Miller, OF, North Carolina
  • Round 2 – Joseph Dunand, 3B, North Carolina State

Verdict: The Miami Marlins selected well on their first day of the draft. Rogers is a power arm that will take a few years to develop. But if/when he does, he’ll be a legitimate ace to stabilize the rotation. Miller is a speedy outfielder who projects as a leadoff hitter. Dunand is a power bat who is solid defensively. All three should reach the Major Leagues.

Second day selections

  • Round 3 – Riley Mahan, 2B, Kentucky
  • Round 4 – Colton Hock, RHP, Stanford
  • Round 5 – Ryan Lillie, RHP, University of California-Riverside
  • Round 6 – Taylor Braley, RHP, University of Southern Mississippi
  • Round 7 – Sean Guenther, LHP, Notre Dame
  • Round 8 – Jared Barnes, Catcher, University of South Alabama
  • Round 9 – Cameron Baranek, CF, Hope International University
  • Round 10 – Denis Karas, 3B, California

Verdict: The Marlins didn’t select a single high school player on the second day of the draft. The Fish traditionally draft a high number high school prospects. With there being an element of urgency in terms of rebuilding the farm system, they selected a lot of college players they know will join the organization.

Third day selections

  • Round 11 – Dakota Bennett, LHP, Albert P Brewer High School
  • Round 12 – Josh Roberson, RHP, UNC Wilmington
  • Round 13 – Jan Mercado, Catcher, Puerto Rico Baseball Academy
  • Round 14 – Demetrius Sims, SS, Bethune-Cookman University
  • Round 15 – Brady Puckett, RHP, Lipscomb University
  • Round 16 – Gavin Fritz, RHP, Dallas Baptist Unviersity
  • Round 17 – Dylan Cyphert, LHP, Gulf Coast Community College
  • Round 18 – Bryce Howe, RHP, Oral Roberts University
  • Round 19 – Micah Brown, SS, Lewis-Clark State College
  • Round 20 – Matt Givin, RHP, Rock Canyon High School
  • Round 21 – Ben Fisher, 1B, Eastern Kentucky
  • Round 22 – J.D. Osborne, Catcher, University of Tampa
  • Round 23 – Tyler Curtis, 3B, Lynn University
  • Round 24 – Montana Parsons, RHP, Baylor
  • Round 25 – Evan Estes, RHP, Merced College
  • Round 26 – Gunner Leger, LHP, University of Louisiana – Lafayette
  • Round 27 – Doug Domnarski, LHP, University Connecticut
  • Round 28 – Vincenzo Aiello, RHP, Oklahoma
  • Round 29 – Henry McAree, RHP, Lewis-Clark State College
  • Round 30 – Michael Donadio, LF, St. Johns University
  • Round 31 – Harrison White, OF, Yale University
  • Round 32 – Elliott Barzilli, 3B, Texas Christian University
  • Round 33 – Kyle Farjad, LHP, Palm Beach State College
  • Round 34 – Karl Craigie, LHP, University of Texas San Antonio
  • Round 35 – Tyler Hotlon, LHP, Florida State
  • Round 36 – Josh Alberius, RHP, University of Arkansas Fayetteville
  • Round 37- Jared Price, RHP, Maryland
  • Round 38 – Cody Roberts, RHP, North Carolina
  • Round 39 – Brandon Boone, RHP, St. Edwards University
  • Round 40 – Andrew Turner, Long Island University

Verdict: If any of these players make it to the Major Leagues, it’s a bonus for the team. The third day of the draft usually involves selecting players based on one outstanding skill. The front office hopes that some of these players excel against the competition, but many of these guys won’t do much advancing.

As a whole, the Marlins took a cautious approach that should pay dividends in the future. They selected a number of players they know will be joining the organization. Many high school athletes taken in the third day don’t end up joining the club.

The Marlins have only put themselves at risk of that three times in this entire draft.

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Time will tell what kind of long-term effect this will have on the Major League team. Hopefully a number of these players wear a Miami Marlins uniform at some point in their career. For now, it’s a dream come true, and validation of years of hard work.