Marcell Ozuna: ‘#ASGWorthy’ is not enough

Jun 8, 2017; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Miami Marlins left fielder Marcell Ozuna (13) against the Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park. Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports
Jun 8, 2017; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Miami Marlins left fielder Marcell Ozuna (13) against the Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park. Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports /

The Miami Marlins currently have a number of players deserving of an All-Star game nomination. None more deserving than Marcell Ozuna. Here’s how we get him there.

The Miami Marlins will be hosting the All-Star Game this year, a first for the city of Miami. Excitement should be at an all time high, and yet it’s not. Why? Because people are bitter. They’re salty.

Despite having several players worthy of attending the event, none of the Miami Marlins currently standing to start in the event they are hosting. Legitimate arguments can be made for Marcell Ozuna, Giancarlo Stanton, Justin Bour, and JT Realmuto. Ironically, therein lies part of the problem.

Stop making the argument. It’s time for action! It will take a coordinated, committed effort by Marlins fans to get a player nominated as a starter in the All-Star Game. Here’s how we do it.

Step one: Focus in on Ozuna

Who starts in the All-Star game has very little to do with how well they are playing baseball. Sure, it helps. But this the results aren’t derived from blind assessment of ability and production. It’s largely based on who has their face on television and social media the most.

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With that said, step one is the most painful step. We have to give up the pursuit of trying to get Realmuto and Bour in the mid-summer classic this season.

JT Realmuto isn’t making the All-Star game this season. He isn’t even on the radar.

It’s a pleasure to watch him work behind the plate every night. Defensively, he’s possibly the best catcher the Marlins have ever had not named Pudge Rodriguez. Offensively, he’s one of the best in the National League. His OBP, SLG% are improved, and he’s on pace to hit more home runs than last season. But he isn’t getting in. He isn’t even the top five right now.

Same goes for Justin Bour. Consider this season his coming out party. Next year, if he can replicate this kind of success, he should get the nod. But there is an insane amount of competition at first base, too much to overcome. Bour is deserving, but he isn’t on the radar either.

Giancarlo Stanton is a lock for the home run derby regardless of what happens in the voting. The MLB wouldn’t dare pass up the opportunity for a Stanton vs. Judge billing. Even with a furious voting effort, he wouldn’t overcome the leads held by Bryce Harper and Charlie Blackmon, and getting the third spot would mean denying Ozuna.  The home run derby is where he shines anyway.

Step two: Keep your meme/GIF hand strong

The biggest part of the equation is the joint effort on social media that will be required by all Miami Marlins fans. The reason for dropping vocal advocation for Bour and Realmuto is because it weakens the volume of support behind Ozuna.

Take a look at what the Athletics are doing for Yonder Alonso. This kind of all in approach to get one player in the game is working. Alonso currently leads the field for first baseman in the American League.

Because this is a popularity contest, Ozuna’s nomination will have to be purchased with the currency of popularity: meme’s and GIF’s.

Make your own. Retweet the ones you see. They’ve gotta be funny, to the point, and overwhelming in volume. #ASGWorthy is good, but it’s not enough. Ozuna is fighting an uphill battle to get the third spot in the outfield, in order to get him there, we need to help raise his profile.

Step three: VOTE

This one is the most obvious, but easy to overlook. Everybody needs to vote. As many times as possible. Once you reach the max, make a new email and do it again. Schedule it out in your day. For half an hour, everyday leading up to the All-Star game, you can exact a difference in the outcome.

Use up every single one of the allotted ballots. While you’re there, there is no sense in not voting for the other Marlins up for election, but Ozuna is the focus. He’s the mission. Let’s get him in.


Marcell Ozuna has done more than enough to appear in an All-Star game. The fact that he isn’t currently in the lead for one of the three spots available is a failure on our part as fans. For those of you who have done your part, thank you. For the rest of us, time to get to work.

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Of course, this is ultimately contingent on him staying hot and driving in runs. The way he’s been seeing the ball, there is no reason to believe that won’t happen. This is your chance to rock the vote! Don’t let it pass you by.

#ASGWorthy? That’s only the beginning.