MLB All-Star Game: Miami Marlins All-Time All-Star 2B

MIAMI - JUNE 20: Second baseman Luis Castillo
MIAMI - JUNE 20: Second baseman Luis Castillo /
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MIAMI, FL – JUNE 01: (Editors Note: Image has been converted to black and white) Dee Gordon
MIAMI, FL – JUNE 01: (Editors Note: Image has been converted to black and white) Dee Gordon /

Best Marlins All-Star Season At Second:  2015 Dee Gordon*

I gave this one a lot of thought. Can we count this one, given the 2016 suspension when he put the D in PED? Or must it be stricken from mind and Miami Marlins history alike?

That’s the question when it comes to evaluating Dee Gordon.

But, going purely by the numbers, what’s absolutely not in question is that 2015 Gordon was the best performance ever turned in by a Marlins second baseman. He led all of baseball in hits and stolen bases, finished atop the National League in batting average at .333, was named an All-Star starter, won the Silver Slugger Award, and earned his own Gold Glove Award for his defense.

He was out of this world awesome.

And it’s entirely possible he was cheating the entire time. That needs to be said. However, couldn’t exactly sell you on another eligible season when Gordon topped every stat of relevance in 2015 either.

So if you’re a forgiving, trusting, glass is half full type of baseball fan- or just a hard boiled cynic who believes everyone cheats and there’s no point in even caring- then Gordon’s 2015 campaign is your single season answer. Even if he never actually got to play in the All-Star Game on account of a poorly timed injury.

Second Best At Second  For Marlins

However, some of you probably need a little more here. And honestly, I’m right there with you. So for your single-season consideration….stick with 2003 vintage Castillo.

The 2003 season did see him lose some speed, notching a mere 21 stolen bases. Yet it also saw him bat for the second highest batting average of his career, swinging away at a .314 clip. He made the All-Star team, won a Gold Glove, fouled off the Bartman ball, and won a World Series.

That’s hard to top.

The only rub here is that most would agree at least three of his teammates did. Juan Pierre put over 200 hits along with 65 steals in 2003. Derrek Lee was Golden himself in what was at the time a career best offensive season. Mike Lowell was in the running for the NL MVP until missing the last month of the season, but still managed to hit 32 HRs.

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Alongside all that greatness, Castillo’s 2003 could look darn right mediocre.

Even if it was essential. At any case, choose your own adventure here Marlin Maniacs. We’ll catch you tomorrow when we work our way to shortstop.