Derek Jeter could join Jorge Mas’ bid for the Miami Marlins

Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for TechCrunch
Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for TechCrunch /

The Yankee great has become all but an afterthought in his attempt to become the majority owner of the Miami Marlins. Never count out the Captain, though.

For a time, it seemed like it all that was left was some paperwork. Jeffery Loria was out, Jeb Bush and Derek Jeter were in as the new owners of the Miami Marlins. It turns out they didn’t have the money they needed, and the bid fell through.

There have been an innumerable number of twists and turns since then. Notably, Jeb Bush has switched sides and Jorge Mas has emerged as a favorite to snag the team. But what about Derek Jeter? We’re hearing as little about him as ever these days.

For baseballs favorite living legend, that’s exactly where he wants to be.

Derek Jeter is said to be well short of the $1.3 billion needed to purchase the team. Jeter has a plenty of money by the standards in which you and I measure wealth, but sources believe he is only able to contribute $25 million of his own money towards the sale.

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When you’re dealing with the movers and shakers of the country, $25 million is barely bus fare. His personal contribution still leaves him about $1.275 billion short of Loria’s asking price.

Unless Jeter is able to come up with some deep-pocketed fanboy backers with no interest in running the team, his chances of being the principal owner are practically non-existent. Word on the street is that he isn’t out of the running altogether, though.

Jorge Mas, who appears to be emerging as the favorite to become the next owner could be willing to bring Jeter into his bidding group.

Jeter to join forces with Mas

According to FanRag Sports, Mas is a big fan of Jeter’s and could be willing to welcome him into his bidding group. Jeter has long been the favorite of current Miami Marlins ownership to purchase the team.

A final sale has be rumored for some time. Major League Baseball appears to be tiring of the ongoing drama and wants Loria to wrap it up. With the All-Star Game looming, and the trade deadline around the corner, we could see one by the end of the month.

The truth is, nobody knows anything.

Mas has the deepest pockets, and his ties to South Florida make him a desirable candidate to own the team. If he were to join forces with Jeter, that might be enough to put him over the edge.

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But while this might have been a popularity contest at one point, it’s not anymore. It’s about dollars and cents again. While the Rothbaum/Romney/Bush super-group is busy loading up on millionaires to solidify their bid, Mas might already be there.