Four starters the Miami Marlins could target this offseason

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Tyler Chatwood, RHP

Here’s a name that the Miami Marlins might be able to catch lightning in a bottle with. Tyler Chatwood has struggled to keep the ball inside the park at Coors Field. Pitching for the Colorado Rockies usually leads to obscenely high ERA’s, and Chatwood is no exception.

This year, the righty sports an ERA of 5.17. However, his home and away splits are drastic.

At Coors Field, his ERA is an ungodly 6.88, and his WHIP is 1.739. Away from Colorado, there is significant improvement.

His ERA dips to a palatable 3.78, and his WHIP lands at 1.244.

Chatwood is only 27-years old, he’ll be 28 when the season starts next year. He’s bounced around between the bullpen and the rotation for Colorado in 2017, which could drive down the asking price when free agency rolls around.

If all that is needed is a change scenery, Chatwood could prove to be a bargain for Miami. His youth will make teams more willing to take a chance on him, but don’t expect him to be one of the first names off the board.

The Marlins know what their range will be, and Chatwood could very well be in it. If they approach him early on, they might be able to convince him to sign at a very reasonable rate. Team friendly will be the name of the game this offseason.