Miami Marlins getting no help in wildcard, for now

WASHINGTON, DC - SEPTEMBER 30: Christian Yelich
WASHINGTON, DC - SEPTEMBER 30: Christian Yelich /

The Miami Marlins have managed to keep their winning ways alive. But if they’re going to clinch a wildcard spot, they’ll need some help.

…And they haven’t been getting it. At least not as often as Miami Marlins fans would like. The hottest team in baseball is taking care of business on their end, but haven’t been getting much help elsewhere.

At least not the last two games. Chasing down the Colorado Rockies was going pretty well until they found a way to put up back-to-back wins over the Atlanta Braves. It marks their first series win since beating the Phillies in a series that started August 4th.

Let’s hope the Mile High Mashers aren’t getting back on track.

Their cold streak was coinciding with Miami’s hot streak nicely before this weekend. They’ve been trending in totally opposite directions since they met head-to-head earlier this month.

Playing unevenly to that point, the Fish have reeled off five consecutive series victories since sweeping the Rockies in a three game series earlier in August. The Rockies lost their next three series, and appeared headed for another.

After dropping the first game of the set to the Braves, the Rockies managed to salvage the following two games.

Now the Rockies will travel back to Colorado to host the Detroit Tigers. The Motor City ball club hasn’t been great, winning only 56-games to this point of the season. Missing Miguel Cabrera from their lineup is a big blow, even if he wasn’t having a banner year.

If Miami wants to keep pace, they’ll need to keep winning. With 4.5 games to make up in the next month, they are afforded precious few setbacks. Fortunately for them, their scheudle fares more favorably than the Rockies does.

The rest of the way

We discussed earlier that the Miami Marlins control their own playoff destiny. They play baseball’s worst team, the Philadelphia Phillies several times the rest of the way. They also draw games against the teams they’re chasing, the Rockies and the Diamondbacks.

Meanwhile, playing in the National League’s most competitive division isn’t doing the Rockies any favors. They have seven games against the baseball juggernaut Los Angeles Dodgers left on their schedule, including their final three of the season.

If the Rockies are swept by the Marlins at the end of September, they could very well end the season on a six game losing streak. Barring a collapse, that would all but assure the Marlins one of those coveted wildcard spots.

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The Colorado Rockies managed to put together wins in consecutive days against the Braves. As a result, the Miami Marlins failed to pick up anymore ground against the wildcard leader. Losses could be on the horizon for the Rockies though.

If Miami can continue to put together wins at a rapid-fire pace, they just might do the unthinkable.