Three things we learned about Dillon Peters after his debut

MIAMI, FL - SEPTEMBER 01: Dillon Peters
MIAMI, FL - SEPTEMBER 01: Dillon Peters /
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For as good as he is on the mound, he’s that bad at the plate.

It’s not that big a deal, but you’ll be hard-pressed to recall a time where you saw someone more lost at the plate. Even for a pitcher, Peters looked bad.

It isn’t necessarily his fault, though. Pitchers don’t get a lot of time at the plate through the minor leagues. By the time they get to highest level, they’ll be lucky to have logged 100 at bats against minor league pitching.

This might come in to play in a situation where Peters is asked to lay down a bunt, though.

Peters took one big hack at a pitch on a 3-1 count, but otherwise stood in the box while pitches either found the strike zone or didn’t. Lucky for him Phillies pitcher Nick Pivetta was having a hard time locating his pitches that night. He managed to work the count in both at bats.

Throughout the course of his professional career, Peters has never managed a hit.

A pitchers primary job is to pitch, obviously. But anything they can do with the bat is a welcomed addition. Don’t expect much from Peters going forward.