Prediction: Giancarlo Stanton hits in more traditional spot in 2018

MIAMI, FL - SEPTEMBER 02: Giancarlo Stanton
MIAMI, FL - SEPTEMBER 02: Giancarlo Stanton /

The Miami Marlins slugger has come alive since moving into the two-hole in the batting order. Don’t expect him to stay there in 2018.

For a time, there was a question as to how long Giancarlo Stanton would remain as the second hitter in the Miami Marlins lineup. A spot typically reserved for speedy slap hitters with high OBP, Stanton didn’t fit the mold of prototypical table-setter.

What began as a temporary experiment quickly became the norm. Nobody expected the Marlins to run with it the rest of the season though. After going on the most productive run of his career at the plate, Miami decided to keep him there for the remainder of the season.

Batting second in the lineup has reinvigorated the Miami Marlins slugger, but it won’t continue through 2018.

Fox Sports Florida recently caught up with Miami Marlins hitting coach Frank Menechino. In an interview with Craig Minervini, Menechino took some time to talk about Stanton’s turn around. Take some time to watch the entire interview. It’s worth the watch.

A lot has been attributed to the change in the way Stanton stands in the box. Closing his stance has largely fueled his surge at the plate. Pitchers started to pick on the outer edge after realizing that Stanton often pulled off, resulting in a lot of swing and misses.

And while his closed stance has helped him stay on the ball, Menechino feels that it’s his approach that has ultimately led to the results. Stanton has learned how to wait for his pitch, and take advantage of it when he gets it.

More importantly, he’s learned how to take a walk.

That’s the biggest story in all of this. The home runs were always going to come. And while those are the most spectacular part of Stanton’s turnaround, they’re not the most impressive.

Take, take, rake

Giancarlo Stanton has learned how to work a count and take a walk. That’s the biggest take away from his adjustment at the plate. Menechino says the decision to move him up in the lineup was to take the pressure off of him to hit a ton of home runs and drive in a ton of runs.

Batting second has allowed him to focus on contact and putting the bat on the ball; getting on base has become his biggest priority. As a result, he’s started to hit a ton of home runs and drive in a ton of runs. With what he has learned batting second, he can now effectively bat third.

Because of Stanton’s prodigious power, putting the bat on the ball is going to result in a lot of home runs. He has natural power. When he hits them, they’re going to go a long way regardless of whether or not that’s his intended purpose.

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He’ll likely stay at the number two spot in the lineup for the rest of 2017, but don’t expect it to carry on past this season. He’s a natural to bat third or fourth in the lineup, and Miami will slot him there in 2018.

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