Miami Marlins 6, Philadelphia Phillies 3: A Small Revenge in the City of Brotherly Love

DENVER, CO - SEPTEMBER 25: Starting pitcher Odrisamer Despaigne
DENVER, CO - SEPTEMBER 25: Starting pitcher Odrisamer Despaigne /
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Miami Marlins
MIAMI, FL – MARCH 31: Miguel Rojas /

First Inning


Jake Arrieta, former Cy Young Award winner, got the start for the Phillies. A veteran of 1,161 major league innings, with 1,070 strikeouts. Derek Dietrich led off for the second night in a row, after batting second through the first seven games of the season.

Dietrich fouled off the first pitch of the day to the right, then watched a 58-foot change up bounce harmlessly out of the way. Arrieta placed his next pitch about 18 inches outside, then went high-and-away for a 3-1 count. Dietrich then hit a two-hop grounder to Phillies second baseman Cesar Hernandez, who easily flipped it to the “Axeman,” Carlos Santana.

Miguel Rojas took his first pitch inside on the knuckles for ball one. Then leaned back to let ball two squirt between the catchers glove and his head. He fouled off the third pitch to the left side, then drove the next pitch over the left field fence for an early 1-0 lead. It was Rojas’ first home run of the season, and just the fifth of his career.

Starlin Castro watched ball one low, and ball two low and outside. With the hitter’s count, Castro took strike one on the bottom lip of the strike zone and right down the middle. Ball three was well outside, and Castro then took strike two right down the middle for a full count. Castro watched ball four pass harmlessly low and outside. After just 23 walks last season, it was already his sixth of the season.

Justin Bour sent his first pitch straight up the middle. Second baseman Hernandez, ranging to his left, couldn’t come up with it and the Marlins had runners on first and second with just one out for Brian Anderson.

Anderson took ball one outside and ball two low. He then sent the third pitch of the at bat high and arcing at Odubel Herrera, who collected it for out number two.

Lewis Brinson, on a three-for-28 slump, took the first pitch low for ball one. then grounded the second pitch just foul down the first base line. The third pitch, high and inside, was called a strike. Ball two came in low, bouncing off the plate. The next pitch was fouled to Brinson’s right, bouncing off the wall behind first base. Brinson took first on the pitch, after it was revealed that the catcher interfered.

Braxton Lee came up with two out and the bases jacked, and took strike one at the knees. Strike two was next, at the very bottom of the strike zone. Lee fought off a sharp curveball next, fouling it down the third base side and out of play. The next pitch was sliced out into short left field for a single that scored Castro and Bour for a 3-0 Marlins lead.

Bryan Holaday, fresh off his 1-2-3 relief inning last night, watched strike one low in the zone go by, then drove the next pitch to right fielder Nick Williams for the third out of the inning.


Miami starter Trevor Richards put his first pitch low in the zone for strike one, then missed low with ball one. Cesar Hernandez at the plate, then took ball two and three low. Richards put strike two right down the middle, then ripped a base hit in to right field at Lee. Hernandez, head down, chugged around first and never slowed down, sliding into second with a leadoff double. #TGTNH.

Carlos Santana was up next, and took strike one low in the zone. Richards then uncorked a 47-foot changeup for a wild pitch to allow Hernandez to easily take third. Santana drove the next pitch to the right field wall at Lee, deep enough to score Hernandez and get the Phillies within two runs.

Herrera came up next, one out and the bases empty, and showed bunt on the first pitch. He missed for a strike. Swinging hard at the next pitch, the bat passed harmlessly over the 83 MPH curve just out of the zone. Herrera doubled the next pitch into left field. It looked like a single, but the Phillies are showing no respect for Miami’s outfield arms.

Rhys Hoskins watched ball one go by, then Richards threw another short pitch for his second wild pitch of the inning. Herrera took third without a play. Hoskins held up on a check swing on a ball low for a 3-0 hitters count, and the fourth pitch well outside for an easy walk.

Willams, with one out and runners at the corners, took strike one away in the zone and ball one low. The third pitch came in outside, a change, and Williams took a cut and missed. With a 1-2 count, he drove an RBI-single to score Herrera straight up the middle.

Maikel Franco, who had collected 10 RBI in the first two games of the series, took ball one low and outside with runners at first and second and one out. The second pitches on the far side of the zone, and Franco popped it up foul and behind the plate, where Holaday collected it for out number two.

Andrew Knapp, playing catcher for the Phillies, took the first pitch straight up broadway for a strike. He bounced the next pitch at Castro, who scooped it up underhand and tossed it to Justin Bour for out number three. The Marlins still had the lead, 3-2.