Miami Marlins Draft Prospect: Shortstop Brice Turang

MIAMI, FL - MARCH 29: A detailed photo of the Rawlings baseball glove of Derek Dietrich
MIAMI, FL - MARCH 29: A detailed photo of the Rawlings baseball glove of Derek Dietrich /
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Miami Marlins Scouting Report

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Hit: 55

Turang’s smooth left-handed swing is one of the first thing that scouts notice. This along with the fact that he is a So-Cal native has many comparing his offensive approach to former Marlins star, Christian Yelich.

Many feel that Turang has the ability to develop into a plus bat down the road, he is a patient hitter with a very refined approach for his age. This spring he had a 3:1 BB:K ratio, which is an impressive feat for a young hitter.

Power: 40

Turang’s gap-to-gap/line-drive approach is not necessarily conducive to much power and neither is his 6’1″/165 frame. This has had some scouts questioning his overall game, while others have said that he will grow into more power down the road. At his peak, I see Turang being a 10-18 homer guy in the big leagues.

Run: 60

Turang’s run ability is his highest graded tool. While has Turang as a 60-grade runner, I have seen grades as high as 70 put on his running ability. From the left side of the plate, Turang shows the ability to get out of the box very fast and pick up infield hits.

Arm: 55

Turang’s arm strength is rated as above average, yet that hasn’t stopped people from saying that it is too weak to stick at shortstop. With that being said, most evaluators believe that he has a real shot to stick at the position.

Field: 55

Turang’s advanced footwork suggests the ability to stay a shortstop in professional ball. His hands and feet work very well together which helps his arm strength play up.