The Miami Marlins Keep Majority of Roster Intact For Rest of 2018

MIAMI, FL - MARCH 29: A detailed photo of the Rawlings baseball glove of Derek Dietrich
MIAMI, FL - MARCH 29: A detailed photo of the Rawlings baseball glove of Derek Dietrich /

What was supposed to be a Wall Street-like day for the Miami Marlins at the MLB non-waiver trade deadline turned out to be a fairly slow afternoon.

Two trades, lots of speculation and more future prospects added to the Miami Marlins minor league system. That sums up Tuesday’s dealings that saw reliever Brad Ziegler sent to Arizona and center fielder Cameron Maybin taking his talents to Seattle.

There was no “big” trade of J.T. Realmuto. There was no decimation of a bullpen full of youth. There were no deals involving Derek Dietrich or Starlin Castro. Either the Marlins have decided to wait out the storm of losing with the roster they have or there will be plenty of trade activity this coming offseason.

Oh wait, we have heard this saga before.

The Marlins, for all their possible trade scenarios, were a small, quiet organization, waiting to see what the remainder of the 2018 season will bring.

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An 11-6 rain-delayed loss to the Atlanta Braves did not help matters, but the trade deadline has come and gone and this Miami team will continue to show grit and inconsistency until they find a cure for their shortcomings.

What we know is the Realmuto soap opera may not be done. The Marlins must decide if they will trade their biggest fish for many prospects – again, following a narrative from this past offseason – or will the team try to ink him to a long-term deal.

Castro may also be on the trading block this offseason as he did not want to remain in South Florida after coming to Miami in December.  He has had a solid season, but his time in the heat is shortlived. A contender will make a deal for his bat and veteran leadership.

The Marlins are about to get younger in a hurry. There was a flurry of transactions within the organization on Tuesday, including the move to call up Isaac Galloway, who after 11 seasons in the minors, got his first hit in his first MLB game.

Dan Straily may be traded after the season, but for now, he is still the team’s No. 1 starter. Is there a chance Derek Jeter and the front office look to acquire a true ace, which the franchise has not had since the death of Jose Fernandez?

If it sounds like a lot to digest, it is. These Marlins continue to toy and tinker with rosters and lineups. They continue to promote young talent who have novocaine, not knowing this is their first rodeo and don’t know about growing pains until they put on the parent club uniform.

There are 53 games left in the MLB season. It seems like an eternity for the fans who have stuck it out and watched the ebb and flow of this team. Maybe they are the true MVPs. This team has been better than expected. After a 5-17 start to the season, the best adjective to describe the Marlins is “respectable” with an emphasis on respect.

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Now that rumors and speculation have come and gone, it’s time to focus on the rest of 2018 and the last season callups. It’s like the Marlins are once again preparing for the start of the baseball year again.

This time, it’s 2019 and the team is already in progression mode.