Miami Marlins: How Many Games Will They Win in 2020?

How good can the Miami Marlins be in 2020? What will this team’s record be when all is said and done with the Major League Baseball season?

Is this the season? The Miami Marlins have not had a winning season since 2009 and have not reached the playoffs since 2003. For those of you playing at home, it’s been a while. The front office is hoping for progress towards a winning season, which still may not happen for at least another year or two.

Think of this organization as the “Little Engine That Could” this season – thinking it can escape the basement of the National East with the best chance to make some noise since 2016 when they finished 79-82 and still fought for a playoff berth until the final two weeks of the season.

With Spring Training about to get ramped up and media talking about the roster being better than last season, will the results match the effort the Marlins front office put into improvements in the day-to-day lineup and the pitching staff?

Fans here in South Florida hope so. So does the staff here at Marlin Maniac.

We did it again, as we put our thoughts out there on the Internet, predicting what the team’s record will be for the 2020 season. I’m excited about what this roster might do this year. New faces in new places with additions outweighing subtractions.

It’s great that baseball is back and the start of Spring is right around the corner. If Don Mattingly can get seven innings out of his starters on average and the bullpen doesn’t implode at times like it did last season, then these naysayers about the strength of this team my owe the front office an apology.

Also, the batting order must find more consistency at the plate. A .241 team batting average won’t cut it.

I do think there will be an improvement. Not a playoff run, but a more steady balance between pitching and hitting. If not, this may be the last time we see Mattingly in a Marlins’ jersey. I’m going to stick with what I have said for weeks, that a 75-win season is possible with the right chess moves.

Here is what our staff has to say,

David Fernandez – The 2020 Marlins are a polarizing group. Las Vegas has set the over/under for wins at 63.5. USA Today predicted the 2020 Marlins to finish last in the NL East with a 62-100 record.

Last season, the team finished 57-103. They had stretches of solid play early in the summer, but injuries and inconsistencies hurt Miami as the season went on. For 2020, the front office has turned over much of the roster, including almost all of the bullpen. New, major players will slot into the everyday lineup to provide added power and punch.

I think this group could be far better than last season’s group. The additions of Jonathan Villar and Corey Dickerson should solidify the lineup, and adding Brandon Kintzler to the backend of the bullpen will help, too. I don’t think this team is playoff bound quite yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they push close to .500. I predict the team finished with 75 wins in 2020.

Kevin Kraczkowski – I’ve gone on at length about how this Marlins team will outperform expectations. I know I’m a homer, but with that in mind, isn’t this just the right place for me to be writing?

What is the expectation, exactly? I’ve seen projections from 63 wins up through 80 thanks to Harold Reynolds. I know the National League East is probably the toughest division in baseball, and it’s a hard place for a rebuilding club to find their footing, but the Marlins could ruin someone’s day, bet. I predict somewhere from 74-to-76 victories.

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