Miami Marlins: Listening to Vin Scully puts things in perspective

Marlins fans can take comfort in knowing legendary broadcaster Vin Scully feels their pain and the masses of Major League Baseball.

Even if he is not the golden voice of the Miami Marlins, everyone who loves baseball can identify with Vin Scully, the legendary announcer of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

As the coronavirus continues to remain the hot topic on the minds of millions of people worldwide and sports fans here in the United States, it is Scully who once again tries to make sense of it all in his soft tone.

You can hear what the Hall of Famer has to say here.

“Even through the telephone, as Los Angeles Times columnist Bill Plaschke recorded and shared, the voice remains sonorous and the man’s gentle spirit remains intact,” Jeff Kallman of Call to the Pen writes. “Now Vin Scully, the longtime voice of the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers, if not baseball itself, offers comfort when asked about baseball’s absence during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Sometimes, you just need a fatherly figure to set things into perspective to calm the nerves of the baseball masses. As baseball’s start date gets pushed back and the talk of teams like the Dodgers and Marlins are in a holding pattern as to when they can resume training, this has become a situation where the masses are coming together.

And hoping they can watch baseball in person and on television before the All-Star break.

“I’m like everybody else,” Scully told Plaschke Sunday. “I’m just hoping and praying that there’ll be some good news and we’ll be able to have a good season. We’re not going to have a full season, because this thing is burning up days like an express train, but somewhere along the line I hope and pray that baseball will startup. That will be so wonderful, that will be a rainbow after the storm that, yeah, things are going to get better.”

You have to love the imagery Scully speaks of as he defines how the 2020 season will play out. While it is the Major League players who take center stage in this time of absence, it is also the minor league players who are at a standstill. The Marlins minor leaguers will be paid through April 8. MLB is working to come up with a solution to help its farm systems stay solvent.

As for the Marlins players, all of them have been sent home from the team’s training facility in Jupiter, Florida. At the time MLB halted Spring Training games, Miami had a 12-6-2 record and was one of the more improved teams from last season.

Scully offered more comfort to fans when he said he would have an issue with the time off from the game. His last broadcast was four seasons ago.

“If I were still working,” he continued, “I would be terribly frustrated. But you can’t fight it. It’s too big. So everybody goes home and just waits.”

How long that wait is for Marlins fans and others isn’t know yet.

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