Miami Marlins players test positive for COVID-19

The Miami Marlins have announced four players have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

It was only a matter of time that the Miami Marlins would announce they have been bitten by the Coronavirus. As the team continues to train both in Miami at Marlins Park and in Jupiter at the franchise’s Spring Training facility, four players have tested positive.

The names of those players have not been revealed.

“One result stems from Wednesday’s mandatory intake screening. Three more had previously tested positive within the past two weeks and have been in self-quarantine,” Jordan McPherson of the Miami Herald wrote.

“The Marlins are not disclosing the names of those who tested positive because the players did not give permission to announce their names.”

Michael Hill, the team’s president of baseball operations told the media that three of the four players who have tested positive are close to the end of their quarantine. The four members of the organization were discovered when he went through the team’s intake screening prior to the start of the team returning to camp in preparation for the 2020 season.

“Hill did not confirm if any of the four players were experiencing symptoms but did note that the three who had previously tested positive are “nearing the end of their quarantine,” McPherson added.

The Miami Marlins and the other 29 MLB teams are back at work after being away from the game since the middle of March. The 2020 MLB season will start in less than three weeks. As the organization continues to work in as safe an environment as possible, other Major League stars are making headlines with their decision whether or not to play during this Pandemic.

According to several sources, Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout is weighing his options this season and may not take the field over growing health concerns. The same goes for San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey, who has expressed concerns as well.

Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher David Price has officially announced he has opted out of this season because of the potential health issues associated with the Coronavirus. He will resume play in 2021.

The Miami Marlins and the rest of MLB must follow strict guidelines with the pandemic before a player can return to the team.

“According to the Major League Baseball’s operation manual for the 2020 season, which includes the safety and health protocols affiliated with COVID-19, any player who receives a positive test for the coronavirus must go into self-isolation until receiving clearance from the team physician and the joint COVID-19 Health and Safety Committee,” McPherson wrote.

The Miami Marlins will continue to resume their workouts, but the threat of the virus continues to be a major story in South Florida and other MLB cities.

“This is ongoing,” Hill said. “We’ve very pleased that a majority of our players made it through intake without it, but this is a daily battle, the disease is still out there. The pandemic is still out there. Florida’s recording record highs and daily reports of the virus… We have to continue to be smart. We have to continue to be disciplined as players, as staff, as an organization, because you know this is a daily and ongoing battle.”

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