Can the Miami Marlins sustain this kind of momentum?

As the Miami Marlins continue to find ways to win baseball games, fans and the national media are thinking the same thing.

How long will the Miami Marlins continue to win, and is this ball club built for a serious playoff run?

Both questions are fair given the fact that just a week ago this MLB franchise wore the scarlet letter loud and proud because of COVID-19 and how the team from South Florida was causing issues for not only the league but other teams that were on their schedule.

Now one week later, they are the darlings of this great sport and one of the best stories of any sport in 2029.

While riding a wave of emotion and adrenaline, at some point between will drop a game. Will that be enough to bring this story back to reality or is it just a speed bump on the path that the front office as planned since 2018?

Ideally, it’s a little bit of both. Marlins have won six games in a row and look like a legitimate playoff contender as long as manager Don Mattingly push the right buttons.

After his 282nd win on Thursday evening, I figured they may be a loss of emotion, but I was proven wrong with the team’s victory over the New York Mets. It seems that every victory is highlighted by various players doing the right thing at the right time.

As long as the coaching staff is getting the most effort out of the players on the current roster, you have to wonder what happens when players who have been put on the injured list because of COVID-19 come back. Does this cause a problem with the adrenaline rush everyone is feeling right now?

I would love to be a fly on the wall for those conversations between Derek Jeter and Mike Hill, deciding who stays and who goes and whether or not the Marlins will be players at the MLB trade deadline.

The Marlins are 7-1 this year but haven’t played a home game in Miami. Maybe the oddity of 2020 is perfect for what this organization wants to accomplish. Nobody picked Miami to win a division title. There were very few that gave this roster a fighter’s chance of finishing higher than in last place in the National League East division.

This is a baseball team that believes in itself. And the blueprint the Jeter put together before he bought the team to thousand 18 appears to be working better dissipated in a shorter amount of time. Call it luck, call it proper preparation, call it something unknown out of the abyss, what we do know is the Marlins are a team we should not take lightly.

And for now, fans and the media shouldn’t criticize it, rather get behind it. It’s something this organization has not experienced since the playoff race of 2016 and a winning season since 2009.

It’s a pretty good feeling. It should be used specifically to help this downtrodden organization find something to smile about. This is a season where the Miami Marlins were dodging curveballs. Now they are hitting fastballs at record speed. It could be a monumental season in South Florida.

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