Miami Marlins: 3 Players that need to “Break-Out” for the Marlins in 2021

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Miami Marlins

Starting Pitcher Sandy Alcantara of the Miami Marlins (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)

After finishing last season with a loss in the 2020 NLDS to the Braves, the Miami Marlins entered the offseason with a ton of momentum. Coming off a season in which the Marlins surprised everyone making the Postseason, Miami now appears set to make a lot of noise in 2021 as one of the most exciting young teams in baseball.

While most will argue that the Miami Marlins only made the 2020 MLB Postseason due to the shortened schedule, the Marlins had the pieces needed to win then, and guess what? They still have them now.

The Marlins display an impressive pitching staff headlined by Sandy Alcantara, as well as a sneaky-deep lineup capable of beating you in many ways. Combine those with a top farm-system with numerous prospects knocking on the door of the big leagues, and it’s clear why the Marlins can show that 2020 was no fluke.

There will however be a few dominoes that need to fall a certain way for this to happen.

The Miami Marlins will need some notable players to improve in 2021 to contend again.

The Marlins have the pieces needed to contend once again in 2021, but need to see a few notable players take the “next-step” to make that thought a reality.

Not only do these players need to show improvement to help the team’s success, but also for themselves as well. Whether they are top prospects debuting or major leaguers still getting adjusted, the threat of being traded or sent-down is always there.

Now there is no secret that contending teams will do anything to go win a World Series. We’ve seen top prospects and highly-touted younger players traded to help put a team “over-the-hump” in the past, and that could happen to these players if their performance is lacking per say.

With that being said, here are three players in particular for the Miami Marlins that need to put up big numbers during the 2021 season, partly for the Marlins’ success, but themselves as well.

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