Miami Marlins: Latest Update on Starling Marte Extension Talks

Potential contract extension talks between the Miami Marlins and Starling Marte have reportedly ended according to Craig Mish of the Miami Herald.

This is not all that surprising as the initial numbers that were reported were far apart with Marte reportedly wanting his contract to be in the $50 million range, while the Marlins reportedly offered a contract worth $30 million.

Fish fans should no longer be surprised if the Marlins move on from Marte, even though Marte is most likely the Marlins best offensive player on a team in desperate need of more offensive power. If a deal cannot be made before the offseason to re-sign Marte, the chances of signing him in the offseason are slim to none.

What will the Miami Marlins do going forward?

The question now becomes what will the Marlins do? They are in the basement of the NL East, and any playoff aspirations are dissipating quickly. With the recent rumors of multiple teams interested in Marte, Miami can look to make some moves for mid-tier prospects, along with a veteran presence in the outfield. However, the sting of losing such a stud player like Marte hurts.

The centerfield free-agent class is weak this upcoming offseason. It may seem the Marlins may look to move a prospect up from the farm system to try to prove themselves in the majors going forward, but all the serious contenders to hold that position for years to come may still be a couple of years away.

Regardless if Marte is dealt or not, it is obviously a big-blow to the Marlins going forward if they don’t have the veteran in the everyday lineup with no clear replacement. Still with an opportunity to potentially bring-back Marte in the offseason, will Miami do that or trade the veteran outfielder?