Miami Marlins: Our 2021 End of Season Top 30 Prospect Rankings

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Miami Marlins

Miami Marlins starting pitcher Jake Eder (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

When looking at the top farm systems in baseball, there are few that stick-out more than the Miami Marlins.

A deep system loaded with talent and depth at multiple positions, the Marlins have a pipeline set of top prospects that will continue to flow to the major leagues for years to come. As we’ve seen already, many of the Marlins current top prospects have already found their way to the big leagues, but who’s next?

As you’ll see, there are numerous prospects within Miami’s system to be excited about, all of which will likely make an impact for the Marlins in the big leagues at some point.

The Miami Marlins farm system is loaded with top prospects.

With the Miami Marlins 2021 season having officially ended, we decided to take a look at Miami’s loaded farm system, as well as what each prospect did during the 2021 campaign. Using that, we have compiled our 2021 end of season Top 30 prospect rankings as we now enter the offseason.

However, before we look at the Top 30, there are a few notables that should be mentioned as well that are just on the outside of the Top 30.

  • C Nick Fortes
  • OF Monte Harrison
  • 1B Troy Johnston
  • LHP Antonio Velez
  • 3B Bennett Hostetler
  • 2B Bryson Brigman
  • C Sam Praytor

Now, onto the Top 30. Here are our 2021 end of season Miami Marlins Top 30 prospect rankings.

Note: Players who do not currently hold “prospect” status according to MLB Pipeline were not included. 

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