Miami Marlins: Breaking Down a Potential Cedric Mullins Trade

Out of all the news coming out of baseball at the moment, one report that made some headlines around the league in recent days is the Baltimore Orioles potentially listening to trade offers for star center fielder Cedric Mullins. Could the Miami Marlins have interest in a potential trade?

When answering that question, the answer is most-likely yes. In fact, you could certainly argue that if the Marlins opt-to acquire a center fielder via a trade this offseason, trading for Mullins is the move to make.

Who is Cedric Mullins?

Mullins was one of the top overall center fielders in baseball during the 2021 season as the 27-year-old enjoyed a massive breakout campaign with the Orioles. Making his first career All-Star appearance, Mullins won a Silver Slugger by slashing .291/.360/.518 across 159 games with a by-far career-high 30 home runs and 59 RBI”s.

Posting a 5.7 WAR, Mullins finished ninth in AL MVP voting a year ago, and also posted an 8.7 BB% compared to a 18.5 K%. Mullins is also one of the fastest players in the game as he stole 30 bases with the Orioles in 2021 which ranked second in the American League, and because of it posted MLB’s lone 30/30 season in 2021.

Could the Miami Marlins trade for Cedric Mullins?

When breaking down if the Marlins could potentially trade for Mullins, the first question that should be asked is if there is a potential fit? When looking for the fit, it’s obvious that Miami is currently looking for a starting center fielder, and Mullins would undoubtedly be a top option if available.

With the fit and need for a center fielder the caliber of Mullins clear, what would it take to get a deal done?

According to MLB Network’s Jon Heyman, the Orioles are possibly listening to offers surrounding Mullins, but a potential trade likely remains a long shot to happen.

However, the Marlins have multiple major league ready pieces to trade, as well as a farm system that is deep with pitching depth. While it is obviously a high-price for Mullins, a player that is still under control for multiple season’s, the Marlins you could certainly make an argument are one of the few teams around baseball that have what it takes to trade for the star center fielder.

As for what the Orioles would potentially be looking for in return, Baltimore would likely want multiple major league ready pieces in a potential trade, most-likely pitching.

As mentioned previously as well, Miami has the big league ready pitching depth that could be intriguing for the Orioles with names such as Meyer, Sanchez, Cabrera, Garrett, and Neidert, as well as potential younger arms such as Fulton and more, as potential trade options. In addition to those, the Marlins also have multiple other prospects and major league ready pieces that could be intriguing options for Baltimore.

A potential trade for Mullins this offseason is certainly a possibility, but it would obviously be for a high-price if Baltimore was to trade the 27-year-old outfielder. However, if Mullins is made available via a trade this offseason, this is a move that the Miami Marlins should make to solidify the center field position for years to come.