The Miami Marlins lost another game by a run, what’s happening?

Last night was disappointing as the Miami Marlins fell to 14-18, after losing another one-run game. This is becoming a regular occurrence and is incredibly frustrating. One part of the problem seems to be the unsettled closing situation. It’s not as simple as that however…

The Miami Marlins are losing one-run games at a historic pace.

Once again the culprit is also our hitting. The Miami Marlins’ 4.03 R/G is still below the league average, so obviously it’s another one of the main reasons for the lack of runs. It seems that The Fish are also just not hitting when it’s most important, such as well being down by a run in the late innings.

Once again, a lot of this could’ve been solved this off-season, if the Miami Marlins simply added more offensive help. We do have some hope as LF Jorge Soler has a .215 BABIP, while still hitting the ball pretty hard. This means that he will definitely get better as his career BABIP is .293. He can definitely still be an elite power hitter too, just remember his 2019: .265/.354/.569 with 48 (yes 48) HR and 117 RBI for Kansas City, who play in a pitcher’s park.

The closing situation still has promise as well. Anthony Bender has a 98.1 mph fastball and a 3.25 xFIP so his current 4.50 ERA is a fluke. Especially when you remember his 2.79 ERA/3.19 FIP from last season. Cole Sulser had a 2.70 ERA/2.98 FIP last season and has a 2.70 ERA so far this season. Dylan Floro only just came back from the IL and had a 2.81 ERA/2.81 FIP last season. He has a 3.05 xERA so far this season, despite an unsightly 27.00 ERA.

The Miami Marlins are losing too many one-run games, but you have to blame it on a lot of bad luck. We still have a good bullpen and a lineup that has promising bats. The season is not even half-way over so let’s keep our hopes up and not give up.