3 Takeaways from the Miami Marlins winning the weekend series against the Houston Astros

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The Miami Marlins just won two out of three against the Houston Astros…on the road! This was very impressive and it makes sense to take a look and see what we learned from this series. What the takeaways are in other words. It makes sense to look at the box scores for the Friday game that we won 7-4, the Saturday game that we won 5-1 and the Sunday game that we unfortunately lost 9-4.

The Miami Marlins won a major series.

  1. The Miami Marlins are a better team than our record indicates

27-31 isn’t a good record, we all know it. The thing is it’s based on bad luck. The “luckless” Pythagorean win-loss record, that shows just how good the Miami Marlins REALLY are is 31-27. This is a big deal, as The Fish would be 2.5 games out of the final Wild Card spot, instead of 5.5 games.

The Miami Marlins won on the ROAD against a team that won three out of the last five American League pennants. This is a team that is running away with their division (the AL West), a division that they won annually since 2017 (minus the shortened 2020 season). This was a major series win and shows that The Fish may not be ready to be written off as sellers.

Bad luck is unfortunately a part of the sport and that’s the sad reality as to why the Miami Marlins don’t have an impressive record. Luck has a funny way of evening out, so more winning streaks feels just about right for our favorite team. This of course requires some patience from the fans, but the reward is definitely waiting.

The Miami Marlins may not make the playoffs this season, or maybe we will. Even if we won’t, we’re clearly good enough to contend for the playoffs and are pretty much guaranteed to be better than last season. This is definitely not a bad team and this series proves it.

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