Trevor Rogers is back!

MIAMI, FLORIDA - MAY 03: Trevor Rogers #28 of the Miami Marlins pitches in the first inning against the Arizona Diamondbacks at loanDepot park on May 03, 2022 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images)

Trevor Rogers is back for the Miami Marlins…and he’s not bad. Not at all actually. Last year‘s Cy Young caliber performance is in the rear-view mirror, but what can be expected from him going forward. He was a big story for us this season, so it makes sense that with the season winding down that we take another look at him and see what we can expect going forward.

Trevor Rogers is bouncing back with the Miami Marlins.

Trevor Rogers had a phenomenal year last season. He had seven wins and eight losses to go along with a 2.64 ERA/2.55 FIP in 25 games and 133 innings with 10.6 K/9 and 3.1 BB/9. That was an impressive performance and earned Rogers a 3.5 WAR. He was looking to follow up on that this season…but it didn’t quite go as expected.

This season Trevor Rogers has a 5.51 ERA/4.42 FIP in 21 games and 99.2 innings pitched with 8.7 K/9 and 3.8 BB/9. That’s “good” for -0.6 WAR at the moment. This is obviously pretty terrible, but is there a silver lining for The Fish?

Trevor Rogers had a 94.6 mph fastball last season. He still has the same fastball speed this season. This is great news as it shows that he’s still the same pitcher, in fact none of his pitch velocities or movements have changed, revealing that any changes in his performance have more to do with his bad back and luck then his actual ability.

How has Trevor Rogers performed since coming back from injury? He has a 3.00 ERA/3.36 FIP for his last 2 games/12 innings pitched with 9.75 K/9 and 0.75 BB/9. He seems to have turned the corner and become a better pitcher this season. Can we expect him to only improve further this season. I think so for sure.

Did Trevor Rogers return to his old form? I think that he did and that while last season’s performance maybe an outlier, he should still be a dominant arm going forward. He can in fact be a perfect #3 starter in the Miami Marlins rotation next season. I think that we can now move past this season with him and start looking towards higher expectations going forward.

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